Posted on by Susanna Qian


Welcome to The Pom Pommery. If it's your first time here, welcome! Here at the pom pommery we are all about celebrating being yourself. Whether that's a desire to stand out from the crowd or to go with the flow, as long as you are comfortable being you and doing what makes you happy, then we love it too. 


The #pomlosophy is that we should always do, and be what makes us happy and feeling confident and I hope to build a community where every one feels welcome and can connect through your love for pom poms! 


Just add poms is my mantra, a splash of wooly goodness has never hurt anyone and it always promises fun and cuddles. I hope you enjoy your time here and remmber to Just Add Poms. Whether its to an outfit or to your outlook on life, these small round humble bundles of fun will awalys bring a smile to your face!