Girlboss Rally 2017

The very first Girlboss Rally 2017 with Sophia Amoruso in LA
Girlboss Rally 2017
Girlboss Rally 2017 Twitter Feature The Pom Pommery
Girlboss Rally 2017 Instagram Story

We have always been big fans of Sophia Amoruso, having spent many dollars as a teen with our hard earned retail money to buy one of her ever so chic Nasty Gal pieces so that we too, could ooze that effortless California cool girl vibe. In fact, we shopped from her back when she was still on eBay! Despite saying farewell to Nasty Gal earlier this year, we were gifted with something even more inspirational - Girlboss radio podcast.

After catching the entrepreneur bug at The League of Extraordianry Women: Run The World event in 2016, listening to Sophia's podcast was my soundtrack as I fulfilled my pom pom orders. When I heard that the first ever Girlboss Rally was going to happen this year in LA, I decided I had to go. You have to spend money to make money right? So, off I went, decked out in my pom pom accessories and faux fur jacket to the first ever Girlboss Rally.  LA was kind to me and it was not sweltering heat and I could wear my faux fur without melting. I met Sophia in person and was blown away by the speakers, it's one of those things that happen in life that you look back on and think "Did that really happen?" Low and behold, I returned back to Australia only to find that I've been featured all over Girlboss's social media accounts. Here I am with my dearest friend Maeva and the most unflattering screenshot ever on their instagram story! Instagram stories may not live forever, but our screenshots do! 

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